About Us

We are delighted to launch our first capsule collection of elegant silk scarves. For this first collection, the focus is on beautiful florals from the UK and the Middle East, coupled with the latest season’s colours.

Scarves are a fabulous way of injecting colour into our Western ‘comfort dressing’ style that's built around greys and blacks. Scarves give a confidence boost without having to commit to colourful clothes that might be out of our comfort zone. Also, if you're fortunate enough to live in, or be able to visit sunny climes, a bright floral scarf enhances sunshine-induced outfits.

Every flower featured in the range has been photographed by Karen Hanvik in the UK or Dubai. The flowers have been used as the inspiration for the digital designs, which are printed onto pure silk and hand-finished in England.

Karen's training at London College of Fashion and Central St Martins sparked her creativity to design this collection. She is already planning future 'capsules', so please come back often!



Coined in the 1970's, the term refers to essential items of clothing that never go out of style. That's what we're aiming to create, a series of versatile pieces that dress up or down, depending on your needs.



Seen below is the original photo of the flame flower featured in our vibrant collection. All of the inspiration behind our scarves started with a picture being taken of a single beautiful flower.